Consumer Rights Articles

You Have the Right to Choose Your Repair Service

AFTER A LOSS, EVERY INSURANCE COMPANY  WILL ATTEMPT TO STEER YOU!   It is the nature of the insurance industry to own the world or at least control it. Consumer protection law in Pennsylvania states You Have the Right to Choose Your Repair Service. This could be...

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The Problem with Direct Repair Programs (DRP)

Choosing who will provide collision repairs for you and your family should be up to you, not an insurance company. Some insurance carriers really do not give you that choice. They try to steer you to “their” preferred shop or Direct Repair Partner (DRP), which has...

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Direct Repair Programs and Your Vehicle

DO NOT ALLOW YOURSELF TO BE STEERED OR DIRECTED BY AN INSURANCE COMPANY   Article By: Michael Burke (PA Collision Trade Guild Member) You have been involved in an accident or your vehicle has been damaged by a falling tree or some other means. Now it’s time to...

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