COVID-19: Don’t Let Photo-Estimating Fool You!
January 20, 2021

If you weren’t feeling well, would you take a picture of yourself, send it to your doctor, and expect an accurate diagnosis and treatment? Most likely not. Physical assessments, tests, procedures and imaging usually play a vital role in determining what is wrong.

Similarly, taking a picture of a car after an accident doesn’t tell an insurance appraiser the entire story. There are scanning procedures, measurements and other physical inspection protocols that can only be completed in person to determine the full extent of the damage. Your vehicle’s safety, effectiveness, and longevity rely on a proper repair – and this relies on a proper damage appraisal.

In Pennsylvania you have THE RIGHT to request a physical inspection from your insurance company.

Even with COVID-19 restrictions insurance appraisers are continuing to come out to complete physical inspections on our customers vehicles.