Genuine OEM is Best
September 20, 2015

Genuine Original Equipment Manufactured [OEM] Automobile Parts are the best way to repair your crashed automobile or truck. This is why… When you shop for an automobile, truck, or for that matter any other well known product that you use on a regular basis, you go online or acquire a consumer’s guide to help you make an educated purchase. People want to make sure they get the strongest return on their financial investment so they research products before they acquire them. It’s the basis behind knowledgeable consumers who anticipate receiving positive returns on their financial investments. Unfortunately, the majority of automotive insurance policies are written based on the usage of alternative Non-OEM replacement parts. You will find this terminology written within the language of your auto insurance policy along with the terms aftermarket, reconditioned, rebuilt or salvage parts; thus, lowering the value of your automobile investment! You have a right to insist on Genuine OEM parts when your damaged vehicle is repaired. Do not permit your insurance company or another body shop to tell you that alternative parts are as good as Genuine OEM replacement parts because that isn’t true. They are not manufactured under the same quality controls and they are not crash tested which can affect your family’s safety and the way your vehicle absorbs impacts. If you expect a pre-loss collision repair, demand GENUINE Original Equipment Manufactured Parts wherever your vehicle is repaired.