Legislators Help Page

Are you a legislator interested in learning more about this website and its purpose?

We welcome our state legislators to the PCTG Legislator’s Help We The People Page. This page is designed to provide you with helpful information to better serve your constituents. Most likely, the reason you are reading this page is due to a Consumer’s Complaint which has been sent to the Pennsylvania Department of Insurance through either your constituent or a collision repair facility representing a consumer.

Many State Legislators have contacted the PCTG office asking for assistance regarding motor vehicle physical damage appraiser compliance. It made good sense to help by making the following information available for you on-line. The purpose of the PCTG Automated Consumer Complaint Form is to help consumers and collision repair professionals identify anti-consumer behavior by insurance company representatives. Steering and Directing of consumers, safety related items, non-reimbursement of necessary items and violations of the laws and regulations are examples that consumers need your legislative assistance.

When a consumer complaint is filed on the PCTG web site it is automatically forwarded to the Guild’s office for review and authenticity. Once this process is completed the complaint is mailed to the Department of Insurance for an investigation into the violations attached. Copies of this complaint are then mailed to the State Senators and Representatives of both the consumer and the repair shop involved and a copy sent to the Office of Insurance Consumer Liaison and the Attorney General’s Office. The focus of our mission is to educate and bring about awareness to the issues faced by our consumers after a loss is experienced and a property damage claim is filed with their insurance company. The complaint process is copied to the many governmental offices to assure our consumer’s rights have been documented and recognized by the appointed and elected officials in charge of the Commonwealth’s Laws and Regulations.

The magnitude of this entire undertaking is to bring about accountability to the Department of Insurance by which the compliance and enforcement of the Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Physical Damage Appraiser Act has been charged. The conduct witnessed by our members and our consumers over the past 10 years has brought about this need to be vigilant towards correcting a flaw in our system of state government. Our legislators can help by recognizing and supporting this consumer protection effort through intervention and demanding that the Insurance Department be responsive to the rights of the citizens of the Commonwealth.

To view your constituent’s complaints or various other consumer files simply go to the on-line PCTG Complaint Library and search by using any of the suggested Search Boxes or click on the View All Complaints Box and scroll through the library until you find the desired file. We have attempted to make this entire process as straightforward as possible however if you have any suggestions that may help your future visits to our site be user-friendlier please contact our office and let us know.


The Pennsylvania Collision Trade Guild would like to
thank you for your help and legislative assistance.