Pennsylvania Collision Trade Guild
August 18, 2020

What is the Pennsylvania Collision Trade Guild (PCTG)?


PCTG is a consumer oriented, statewide organization dedicated to safeguarding the rights of vehicle owners who are in need of collision repairs but have nowhere to go for information that pertains to the proper repairs of their automobile.

The PCTG was originally formed to seek enforcement and compliance of consumer protection laws that where written over the years to protect the rights of consumers when they deal with insurance companies. Although, the PCTG recognizes the PA Department of Insurance as the regulatory branch of the Commonwealth, it is sad to say the Department of Insurance focuses more on the needs of those on the insurance side of the transaction rather than a policy holder’s rights for a proper repair. It is PCTG’s purpose to work on behalf of the consumer and protect their rights when a collision repair claim is in need of compliance.