The Problem with Direct Repair Programs (DRP)
July 14, 2015

Choosing who will provide collision repairs for you and your family should be up to you, not an insurance company. Some insurance carriers really do not give you that choice. They try to steer you to “their” preferred shop or Direct Repair Partner (DRP), which has given them special deals at YOUR expense just like an HMO. The insurance company will dictate to these DRP shops which repairs will be done and how. It’s possible you may not be allowed to exercise your right to choose. These insurance companies will trick you into thinking they are recommending a Preferred Shop when actually they may be requiring you to go there.


Pennsylvania State Consumer Law protects

Your Right to Choose.


If you value the relationship you’ve built with our shop or have been referred by a friend or relative and do not want decisions about your vehicle’s repairs made by someone else, be sure to let the insurance company know that you are not interested in their program. This is the best way for you to protect the quality of the repairs you receive and to safeguard your automobile investment to the professionals you know and trust.