‘They are not on our list’
June 5, 2019

Absolutely correct… Crawford’s Auto Center, Inc., is not on any insurance company’s list because we will not jeopardize your family’s safety just so the insurance company can save money!

Perception is NOT reality. Our customers hear statements like, “They are not on our list,” when they contact their insurance company to call in and report a loss on their damaged vehicles. We have even had State Farm and Nationwide tell our customers that they have never heard of Crawford’s Auto Center and ask for our location. Please realize, Crawford’s has been in business for over 75 years at the same location, under the same management, and has repaired damaged vehicles regularly for customers insured by these carriers. Really we say, State Farm was just here yesterday or Nationwide was here last week.

These tactics are used by insurance companies in an attempt to direct customers away from our services. It is called steering and is illegal under PA State Law. Usually the claims handler will say, “Crawford’s is not on our list. However, we have several repair shops in your area that will repair your vehicle based on our estimate.” They also might add one or more of a few common scare tactics such as:

  • If you use that shop it will cost you more money. (Absolutely not true.)
  • We cannot guarantee the repairs if you use that body shop. (Crawford’s guarantees our own repairs.)

Day after day we hear stories of negative word tracking from our customers who have called their insurance company and have been told detrimental comments in an attempt to steer our customers from our services. Why would an insurance company try to direct you elsewhere for collision repairs? Because we will not provide discounts and concessions to insurance companies, we refuse to allow an insurance appraiser or representative to compromise parts, repair procedures, refinishing or original manufacturer requirements to save the insurance company money on your claim.

Shops that are contracted with insurance companies, aka: Direct Repair Program (DRP) Shops, will do the above. DRP Shops work for the insurance company, not for the customer, and do not have what is best for you, the customer, in mind.

It's Your Car...It's Your Choice.