You Have the Right to Choose Your Repair Service
October 1, 2015




It is the nature of the insurance industry to own the world or at least control it. Consumer protection law in Pennsylvania states You Have the Right to Choose Your Repair Service. This could be your home loss, roof repairs, water damage, automobile accident or fire loss. It really does not matter what type of loss you have experienced. If your insurance carrier is asked to cover the expense of replacement or repair, they will attempt to help you choose the service provider. The concept behind this arrangement is that the insurance company can control the cost of the required reimbursement or replacement. Remember that we said control. For instance, if your vehicle is struck by another vehicle and the at-fault insurance company accepts liability to pay for the damages, the first thing they will ask you is have you had an estimate written and we would like you to go to our network body shop for the repair estimate and repairs. You should be thinking, wait a minute…. Your insured hit my car, why would I allow you to decide who repairs my vehicle (thus, deciding the cost)? The same tactics happen when you call your own insurance company to report a claim. Your Insurance Company representative or agent will attempt to steer and direct you into their network of repair shops although you can choose to go anywhere you would like for the repairs. Remember, they want to influence you into their network of DRP shops to save their bottom line at the expense of your automobile investment. Crawford’s Auto Center is an independent, consumer-oriented, auto body collision repair business that works for you, not an insurance company.

Insurance companies are the very best at controlling their market. They offer volume incentives to body shops that will repair your vehicle based on the insurance company’s repair guidelines. This is called a DRP or Direct Repair Program for shops that have contracted their allegiance to the insurance company versus following your vehicle’s recommended repair procedures. You, the vehicle owner, becomes lost in this arrangement because the DRP contract forces the body shop to use improper (cheaper) repair techniques and aftermarket (non-OEM) or salvage replacement parts. This is fact – the absolute truth – and if you question what we are telling you, go online and research Direct Repair Programs or call us firsthand and we can help you better understand the difference between a DRP body shop and an independent, consumer-oriented, repair facility. Remember PA State Law says You Have The Right To Choose Your Repair Service. Exercise your right as a consumer!